Virginia Gamna

In the widest sense, Gamna’s work addresses humanity’s inability to identify with the structures we ourselves have created. Through the use of elements fabricated by man, inhabited by man or elements that have helped man to construct an idea of himself and of what the world is, Gamna addresses in her presentation notions of time, value and productivity.
The selection of the pieces are related with the artists’ interest in the homology of objects perceived throughout various epoques, and in various places, and the unseemingly genre of how a formal twinning is capable of compacting the differences between courses.

A project by Aldama Fabre
Artist: Virginia Gamna
Idea and Coordination: Maria Gracia de Pedro

POPPOSITIONS’ 6th edition takes place in Brussels from the 18th until the 21nd of April 2018. POPPOSITIONS changes location every year,as​ an annual assembly in Brussels of galleries, artist initiatives and project spaces.
Conceived as an experiment with the art fair format, POPPOSITIONS aims to occupy an independent and critical position.
Artistic Director: Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk

venue: ING Art Centre
1000 Brussels, Belgium

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