Intellectualeyezed #73


Intellectualeyezed#73 is part of the weekly Intellectualeyezed programme organized at/by Il Caffè Internazionale. On this occasion, Francesc Ruiz and Abel Jaramillo speak with Maria Gracia de Pedro about the residency “Under the sun”. In an informal way, the two artists and the coordinator explain to the public the aims of the residency and why the artists were chosen.

Caffè Internazionale is a multi ethnic and multicultural space. The owners are Darrell Shines and Stefania Galegati. Him, Afro-american, tour and production manager for 25 years; her, northern Italian, visual artist. Caffè Internazionale is also a gallery + showroom + music from this world + best cocktails + green light!

venue: Caffè Internazionale
Via San Basilio 37 Palermo, Italy