ArtBanchel is a platform that allows to celebrate the common places and the artists’ settlement in the neighborhood of Carabanchel. For its 2019 edition, Hiato Projects and D11 propose an aesthetic approach to the mobility processes, underlying the area’s  apparently stable environment. Starting also from the celebration and the game, both the collective and the art platform, are delighted to present “Circuits of plastic frenzy”, a communicative network that appropriates of their space in order to reflect on the channels of mobility and transportation, and the conditions that these imposes, both to art workers and objects of the art world, as to the development of the urban structure itself, in which those are included.

The curator Artemio Sánchez, together with the artist Fernando Romero, propose an intervention in the space with “Slot”(2019), a scalextric track that visitors can use for playing and engage the competition  process. Through this apparently simple game, the emergence of a metaphoric connection with the logics of the economic and social order, that are supposed to function as ultra-fast, becomes tangible. Projected on a larger scale, it poses the new dimension of urban physical environments folded to the roadways of communication. On view, there is the work of Abel Jaramillo “Nos han impuesto hasta el paisaje” part of his serie “No habrá allí lugar para ninguno (There will be no place there for anyone)” (2017). In the series the artist claims the carnival tradition in Extremadura and rural carnival as a metaphor, fact and act that helps to displace the official discourse of history. 

In the space, that piece of landscape photographed from a rural road, is presented, stopped in the walls of a white cube, in an industrial building of the neighbourhood that assumed much of the migration from Extremadura during the Franco regime, within the framework of the celebration of a modern urban carnival that takes place right on the limits of the plastic road of the circuit.

White cube> industrial building> road> airport, are the routes on which it is proposed the dialogue within artists, curators and art professionals that are invited by Hiato Projects and D11, through the intangible communication channels. Via the Internet and through a projection, they will speak or show their personal experiences on mobility through the invertebrate circuit of non-places that makes up the art world.
text by Jorge Postigo de la Nogal