Deep Dreams

Group show “Deep Dreams” by anna lena anton, alfonso borragán, alexander duncan, raúl hevia & simón uribe.

The aim of the aforesaid show is to study what happens inside the sea, under the surface which seems “unchanged” many times and to show an artistic approach that is critical with what we are doing with the sea. Indeed, It is important to open a way to imagine new cities and situations.

From five different perspectives, the artists reflect about the marine surface studying beyond the visual appearance, that is, beyond the simple views.



title: Deep Dreams
artists: alexander duncan, raúl hevia, simón uribe, alfonso borragán & anna lena anton
coordinator: María Gracia de Pedro
dates: 13 July  2018 – 12 September 2018
venue: Museo Marítimo del Cantábrico
Calle Severiano Ballesteros, s/n, 39004 Santander, Cantabria

*the show is organized by Josédelafuente